The Promise of Spring and Paradise City Marlborough

Greetings from www.emilyrosenfeld.com.
March is here. It announced itself with steely grey skies, a shower of snow, and a wind that drove the iciness into the slender space between my scarf and neck, hurrying me home from the studio with thoughts of soup and couch and covers. It doesn’t feel like spring but I know it is coming. To add a little light to the slowly lengthening days, I’m offering on special: two sparkly combination necklaces.
The first featured item is the Naive Pomegranate necklace.  On this charm, graphic lines contrast the bright sterling surface and set off its glistening garnet “seed," that mythological promise of spring and of the beauties of the soul. Also on sale is the Botanical Violet Necklace with Gemstones. This little sterling blossom is paired here with glimmering amethyst and peridot. You can choose from any of the 11 stones we offer to make your own colorful pairing.
In the studio, we are stocking up and getting new designs ready to make their debut at Paradise City Arts Festival MarlboroughMarch 20 - 22. This show always has a wonderful array of craftspeople with beautiful work to share. It is a fun first show of the year and I hope to see some of you there for spring shopping and hellos.
 At home, Jasper turned 10. When asked the perpetual  birthday question, “do you feel different,” for the first time, he answered, “yes”.  I  too feel the difference that he feels; he is another digit worth of grown up, inching  away from little, creeping towards big. The evidence is subtle; conversations are  richer and more engaging, his quick humor can now make me laugh until I cry, and  he is able to play his own “hand” of Bananagrams, remarking with wonder, “I’m  really doing it!”  He is doing it, with a brightness of spirit, a joyfulness for which I am  so utterly grateful. He is doing it. Growing. Becoming. 

I hope as this cold season turns very slowly towards the light and warmth of spring you feel your own becoming, your own growing; becoming wiser, funnier and more agile in the world. I hope that you have moments where you can marvel at your own accomplishments, however small. "Look, Ma, no hands!” As always, thank you for your purchases and your support.