Artists I Love

This page is dedicated to artists I know and love.

Beehive Handmade

Beehive Handmade is a studio in Fall River, MA that crafts metal kitchenware by hand using traditional metal smithing techniques, antique tools, and hand cast parts. Durable, distinct and stylish, each piece is designed to be a treasure object to be handed down for generations.   

Carla Caruso

Carla Caruso is a dear friend and brilliant jewelry designer. She offers a variety of contemporary, handmade engagement and wedding bands, as well as the most perfectly designed "everyday" elegance imaginable.



Zpots and Vnoelle

Eric Hendrick and Noelle VanHendrick, a husband and wife team, are the creators of Zpots and Vnoelle. Noelle writes her original poetry on the pottery and uses her drawings, paintings and poetry as the inspiration for the Vnoelle products. They both design and create all the pieces together, by hand. Their process is solid. They have such strength as craftspeople and extraordinary vision as artists. They are an earthly partnership and collaboration that reaches for heavens and brings it home and here.

Whimsy Home

Artist/Designer Jasmine Redfern of Whimsy Home has been designing and making fun and functional things for the home since 1993. Her love, well, obsession really, of all things patterned began in London where she studied textile design at art school. She uses a mix of maps and fabrics--some of which are her own designs, to make her vintage inspired lighting. Some say she is secretly trying to cover the entire world with color and pattern!

Secret Holiday & Co.

Secret Holiday & Co's Ashley Brown Durand is a Western MA resident and my studio neighbor! Her handmade pieces are made from repurposed natural unbleached soft cotton. They carry affirmative and inspirational messages that make a statement in any room.


Karla Gudeon

Karla Gudeon's celebrated paintings are displayed in galleries and distinguished collections throughout the country and abroad. Her current body of work is influenced by illuminated manuscripts and folk art, and thematically portrays the most meaningful elements of her life: family, culture, strong women, an open-minded world view, and the natural world.

Rachel Kranzberg Miller

Known for her delicate and personal pieces, which are made with silver, gold and precious gemstones, Rachel started making jewelry while she raised her two daughters, Abigail and Tamara. Rachel uses the hand building techniques she learned to create Judaica such as mezuzah cases, yads and Stars of David, as well as wearable designer jewelry. Making art that relates to her love and devotion to her faith has been especially gratifying to Rachel.



Contemporary scarves handmade in the USA by Sonya Mackintosh, using the highest quality Merino wool, cashmere, and cotton.